Bali Villas With Pool Fence Included

Secluded Bali Villas is the best place to find great Bali villas with pool fence included in the rate.

Unlike other sites we actually manage or own Bali villas with pool fence included in the rate. This means our pool fences are specifically designed and fitted for each villa. We also regularly inspect our pool fences to ensure they are properly maintained and looked after. Our villas also come with other safety features included such as stair gates as well.

While we have some Bali villas with pool fence included, for our other villas we can organise a temporary pool fence. Typical cost is IDR 200,000 to IDR 250,000/day, but less if you are staying longer. There are also additional transport fees to locations away from Seminyak/Canggu/Jimbaran.

Our Bali Villas with Pool Fence Included

Villa Rene – Seminyak    4 Bedrooms     8 Guests

Villa Leana – Jimbaran    4 Bedrooms     11 Guests

Villa Champa – Ungasan    3 Bedrooms     7 Guests

Why choose Bali Villas with Pool Fence Included?

We realise that all parents take child safety very seriously. Sadly in developed countries drowning is the leading cause of death for children under five, beating out all others, including car accidents. Paediatricians, and many other government agencies around the world agree that an unprotected swimming pool is the greatest danger to a young child’s life. Even the best parents have suffered tragedies. 77% of drownings occur less than five minutes after the child was last seen — often in his room, sleeping.

As a result several countries such as Australia and New Zealand, and the UK, South Africa and Canada, and several US states now have child safety regulations mandating the use of pool fences.

In Bali no pool fence regulations for villas exist. The risk to child safety still does, which is why we have Bali Villas with pool fences included.

Pool Fence at Villa Rene

Other Safety Measures

Pool Fence at Villa Leana (Bali)

A pool fence is not everything however. We do still recommend that guests dedicate one adult as a pool monitor to always watch kids in the pool. If you specifically ask our staff, they will be prepared to do this for you (provided you are able to be relaxed on the completion of some of their other duties).

Having a member of staff watch kids is the Asian way. While we understand completely why many guests want a pool fence, sometimes the layout or views mean that installing a pool fence is impractical or difficult. In such cases our staff can monitor the kids if you request it. Alternatively we can arrange a temporary pool fence, however there would be an extra cost in that case.

Finally if pool fences and monitoring all still fail, then we do train all our villa staff to be proficient in emergency resuscitation techniques and CPR.

Additional Family Friendly Facilities

Our Bali Villas with pool fence included also have many other family friendly services included as well.

All our villas are really well equipped for families with kids.

For little kids, car seat / cots / high-chairs / plastic plates & cutlery / special kids meals are all provided. We also have a good selection of toys, books and games.

We also have all the most popular international kids channels available on the TVs. Also for older kids, all our villas have the fastest available fibre-optic wifi – typically +20MB.

Fully Equipped Playroom at Villa Leana

Additional Family Friendly Services

All our Bali villas with pool fence included are also fully staffed and serviced. Housekeeping will be done every day when you stay with us.

Our great in-villa chef is always on hand to prepare meals for you and your family. We only charge the actual cost of groceries plus a small 20% fee on top to cover extra costs. This makes eating at the villa very good value, and

Informally our staff are also able to provide free Baby-sitting/Child minding at our villas as well.

In fact you will find that the staff are more than happy to help out in any way they can with kids, be it feeding them, playing with them or whatever. For the Balinese playing with kids is a lot more fun than gardening or making beds!

Bali Family Friendly Attractions

Bali is a great place to visit for small kids. There is so much for them to do and see. I still remember my then 2 year old getting up and dancing with the dancers at the great Kecak dance at Uluwatu. The Balinese are so welcoming to kids it is a joy.

From Villa Rene you can easily walk down to the beach. Finn’s Recreation Club is a short drive away which has great facilities for all age kids, including a waterpark, bowling alley and trampoline park and cubby house soft play area.

Villa Champa has a car and driver included in the rate, and Villa Leana is close by, and easy to get a taxi from. Kuta is just over 20 minutes away, where the kids can learn to surf, or enjoy our favourite waterpark anywhere – Waterbom. Alternatively all the great beaches of the Bukit are all less than 15 minutes drive from Villa Champa/Villa Leana.

While all our Bali Villas with pool fence included are set up for kids, they are also great places to stay for adults. So book your flight and come and stay with us – we know you will have a great holiday, and also have the added peace of knowing your kids are safe and well looked after.

Tom, Rene & The Team at Secluded Bali Villas