Standard Guest Cancellation

For guest cancellations requests more than 60 days before the check-in date in low and mid season, and 90 days before the check-in date in high or peak season, we will refund the full deposit amount (50% of the total amount) less a IDR 750,000 administration fee, and less any relevant bank charges or exchange rate differences where applicable.

For guest cancellations more than 30 days prior to arrival we will waive the obligation to pay the second payment (50% of the total amount).

For guest cancellations within 30 days of arrival, payments are non-refundable unless agreed otherwise by Secluded Bali Villas.

Owner Cancellation Policy

In rare circumstances an owner may inform Secluded Bali Villas prior to your arrival that the villa is no longer available for rent.  This may occur due to a requirement by the owner to carry out essential emergency maintenance; or due to the sale of the villa to a new owner that does not wish to, or is unable to continue to, rent out the villa; or due to staff illness and quarantine or due to the closure of the villa due to the impact of COVID or other unforeseen circumstances outside of our control.

In such circumstances, we shall offer to defer your stay, or if your dates are fixed and you already have flight tickets, to relocate you to similar or better accommodation at another of our villas at no additional cost to you, or where that is not possible to another villa not managed by Secluded Bali Villas that is local to the villa that is no longer available of similar or better standard.  If none of these options is possible, then we shall provide to you a refund of any monies that have already been received.

Guest Amendment

Guests can extend their stay to dates either side of their original dates at any time without limitation.

Guests can also change the dates and the villa for their booking, and put the deposit already paid towards such different dates and different villas looked after by Secluded Bali Villas, provided that:

  • We receive notice of such change more than 60 days before original check-in; and 
  • Such revised stay dates are within the next 13 months; and 
  • Such stay is for the same or greater amount as the original booking; and
  • Guests have not already amended their booking previously.  

Where the amended stay is of less value than the value of the original stay booked, then the amount carried forward to the future booking payment shall be prorated down accordingly (i.e. if the future booking is only of 40% of the value of the original booking, then only 40% of the deposit amount will be able to be set against the future booking). 

For bookings that were provided free of charge (for example competition winners in charity auctions) there is no right of cancellation or amendment, nor any right to any refund or any option to defer stay to another time.

For the avoidance of doubt, any changes to optional extras, such as extra guests, pre-payment for meals and drinks or car-hire or transfers can be changed or cancelled without penalty provided at least 48 hours notice is given.

All amendments are subject to availability.