Covid-19 Bali Travel Update

Covid-19 Bali International Flight Restrictions

Currently tourists are not allowed to travel into or out of Bali.

Most airlines are forecast to restart operations from 1st June 2020.

Only the following foreign nationals are able to enter into Indonesia:
1.Foreigners with work permit
3.Humanitarian, Medical, and Food Aid Support 

Those accepted for entry are required to provide the following documents:
1.Health Medical Certificate
2.Proof of not having visited any areas affected by COVID-19 for the past fourteen (14) days. 

Covid-19 Bali Domestic Flight Restrictions

Masks are required for any passengers taking domestic flights within Indonesia.

All Indonesians have been told not to travel home for the Idul Fitri celebrations that will occur on the weekend of 22nd to 24th May, and so there are additional flight restrictions in the week before this weekend.

COVID-19 Bali Local Restrictions

Covid-19 Bali restrictions to public beaches

Currently all public beaches in Bali are closed and not accessible to the public. This is being enforced by barriers, and local patrols.

Bougain Villa and Villa Rosita are on public beaches, and guests staying at these villas are not allowed to go on the beach therefore.

Villa Anjani is on a private beach, and Villa Talia Vashti has a raised beach, and steps to the sea and so guests are still allowed to go on the beach and go swimming and snorkeling at these villas.

During the lead up to Idul Fitri weekend (22nd to 24th May) there are some check points being set up around Bali. These are primarily to ensure that people are using masks, and that large groups of people are not travelling back home for Idul Fitri.

It is not expected that these check-points will affect travel by guests within Bali.

Covid-19 Bali Villa Closures

Currently all of our villas are open and accepting guests except the following villas where local restrictions on guests staying have been put in place by the local regency:

Villa Rosita – Reopening on 3rd June 2020
Bougain Villa – Reopening on 3rd June 2020
All Other Villas – Open

Covid-19 Bali Local Villa Protection

We have taken several additional measures at all our properties to protect the safety of our guests against Covid-19 including:

  • Hand Sanitizer is provided at the entry to all villas, and all staff and guests entering the villa are required to use it.
  • All staff will wear masks at all times while they are working at the villa.
  • Only staff and guests are allowed in the villa while guests are staying.
  • Any signs of fever, or any case of Covid-19 in the same village as any staff member, will result in the staff member being quarantined at home for at least 14 days.
  • Before and after each set of guests leave, the villa is thoroughly cleaned, and in particular all surfaces wiped with soap and water or anti-septic