Covid-19 Bali / Coronavirus Update

Coronavirus Covid 19 Bali

Special COVID-19 Discounts and Offers

Currently we have a number of Special COVID-19 accommodation rates and discounts:

  1. 30% to 50% last minute discount for any stay of 2 nights or more within the next 28 days
  2. 15% Weekly discount for any stay of 7 nights or more
  3. 30% discount for any stay in 2021 of 2 nights or more before 18th December 2021
  4. 10% Early Bird discount for any stay after 8th January 2022

We also have special last minute rates in IDR for any stay within the next 14 days and also for long stay bookings of a month or more. Please contact us on for more details.

Special COVID-19 discounts do not apply to Event fees, Cleaning fees and other additional charges at the villa such as for food and drink.

“No Risk” COVID-19 Cancellation, Deferral and Refund Policy

​The standard cancellation policy applies to all stays, however where a guest is unable to travel to the location of our properties, due to travel restrictions put in place as a result of COVID-19 then we do offer the following additional rights for cancellation, deferral of stay and refund for guests that book directly with us (rather than through companies like AirBnB, etc. where the cancellation policies on the site apply). Long Term stays of 30 nights or more are excluded.

For all bookings made after 1st April 2020:

  • Guests can defer their stay any time up until 30 days before check-in date and transfer 100% of what they have paid towards another stay at the same villa before the end of 2022 of the same or greater value.
  • If guests have not notified us of deferring their stay by 30 days before check-in, then the second payment shall be due and payable in full.
  • After making the second payment, guests can still defer their stay with us any time up until 7 days before check-in date during low and mid season, and 21 days before check-in for Peak and High Season and transfer 100% of what they have paid towards another stay at the same villa within the next 12 months of the same or greater value.
  • If guests fail to request deferral of their dates at least 30 days before original arrival date, or fail to make the second payment as requested, then we shall do our best to work with the guests, but reserve the right to cancel the booking and retain up to 50% of the total amount due and payable.
  • If guests are unwilling or unable to defer their stay, then we reserve the right to retain up to 50% of the total amount due for the guests stay, and will refund anything paid by the guests above this back to the guests.
  • If by the end of 2022 guests have been unable to travel on either their original dates, or on their deferred dates, then we shall make a full refund of any amount paid by guests, less any bank charges/credit card fees or exchange rate differences.

For all last minute bookings made within 28 days of arrival at special COVID-19 monthly and daily rates:

  • Where a guest is unable to travel to the location of our properties, due to travel restrictions put in place as a result of COVID-19 then the guests shall be entitled to a full 100% refund within 7 days of the dates of their original stay, less any card processing fees or exchange rate losses as appropriate.
  • No refund will be given once guests have commenced their stay.

Covid-19 Bali International Flight Restrictions

Obligations and restrictions on travel to Indonesia and Bali change almost every day, and often those changes are poorly implemented and explained.

We shall do our best to always update this page, however it is always best to check with your airline (the Garuda website is usually the best source of information at Garuda COVID 19 Updates.)

Currently no visitor visas are being granted to foreign tourists. As well KITAS (long term stay visa) the main visa tourists currently use to visit Bali is a Business Visa (B211) which are also allowed to be used for tourist purposes, but which cost typically USD 300+ and have to be organised through an agent. There are several in Bali that are willing to help, and we can provide contacts if you need them.

For any person entering Indonesia (whether foreign national or Indonesian national), must have

A valid PCR test that has been done within the previous 72 hours before departure.

Complete COVID-19 vaccine certificate (1st and 2nd Vaccination) (exceptions for Indonesian citizens and foreign children aged 12 to 17 who will be vaccinated upon arrival if not vaccinated previously. Anyone that has a medical reason for not being vaccinated, plus accompanying medical note, is also not required to be vaccinated)

Upon arrival guests must do another PCR test, and must still do hotel quarantine, although in mid October 2021 this was reduced to be just 5 nights in a quarantine listed hotel. Currently all international flights are to Jakarta, as are all quarantine hotels.

On October 14th 2021 however, Bali International Airport reopened, and now active efforts are being made to set up International flights to Bali, and also hotel quarantine in Bali. A list of hotels (mostly large international hotels in Nusa Dua) has already been circulated, and the first 19 countries allowed to enter Bali has been mentioned, but this is changing literally every day right now, so please check the latest situation with your airline

At the end of the stay at the hotel all guests will be tested again when they check-out. All hotel and test costs are at the expense of the traveller. Check-out is dependent on final test not being positive, otherwise quarantine will be extended to 14 days, with further tests.

Foreign nationals already in Bali or Indonesia, and with a stay visa, are able to travel to Bali from other locations within Indonesia subject to the same restrictions as Indonesian citizens (see “Domestic Flight Restrictions” below)

In November 2020, Indonesia introduced an electronic visa system and introduced changes its visa system to make it easier for foreign guests to come to Indonesia.
1. Any Foreigners entitled to apply for a work permit or other stay visa such as spouse visa or retirement visa.
2. Diplomats, Humanitarian, Medical, and Food Aid Support 
3. Foreigners travelling to Indonesia for business.

The last category is actually much wider than it seems as the Indonesian Government has approved visa agents granting business visas through their business to guests that are coming to stay as tourists in Indonesia. This is probably the most popular way for guests to come to Indonesia that are not entitled to other types of visa, but it is only really worthwhile for guests staying a month or more.

Sosial Budaya visas (visas for stays for educational purposes, including cultural exchange or volunteer work) are still only being granted to foreigners already in Indonesia, but appear now to be able to be extended multiple times without issue.

Covid-19 Bali Domestic Flight Restrictions

All domestic guests (foreign or Indonesian) now have to have had either a PCR test or an Antigen test within the previous 48 hours prior to departure time and to have been fully vaccinated as well, and therefore to have a vaccination certificate.

The good news is that testing is now widely available throughout Indonesia, and some airlines (such as Garuda) offer free Antigen tests – but now tests can only be done at facilities registered on the Indonesian Health Ministry (see

Children under 12 years old however are exempted currently. Children aged 12 to 17 are expected to have at least their first vaccination.

Masks continue to also be required for any passengers taking domestic flights or indeed any other transportation within Indonesia, including private cars and motorbikes – even if you are on your own.

Anyone flying within Indonesia domestically also has to download the eHAC app, and complete it for their final destination. If you are transiting a domestic location in Indonesia, and have to go landside, then that technically counts as a destination, and a further eHAC form has to be completed for your next destination. You need your seat number to complete the eHAC, so that means you can only complete the form very last minute.

If you want to be well prepared, use the eHAC app rather than the website as it normally works better, and print off the QR code (or have it ready when you arrive) as that is all that is checked, and immigration will just scan this.

All domestic airlines now run many regular scheduled flights each day to Denpasar from Jakarta and most other major Indonesian cities, and all seating restrictions have been lifted, so flights are in some cases fully booked again.

However because of the lack of travellers generally right now we recommend booking with Garuda unless you are travelling on a busy route such as Jakarta to Bali, as our experience is that most other operators end up cancelling within 24 hours of departure.

COVID-19 Bali Local Restrictions

Batu Belig / Seminyak Beach on 12th July 2020

Currently Indonesia has something called “PPKM” restrictions that put certain limitations on the public. In Bali for example there is currently a limit on access to Kuta Beach, with some entrances blocked, and bar code scanners at other entrances.

However more generally since 1st July 2020 all public beaches in Bali have been open and accessible (except Kuta as above). Bars, restaurants, shopping malls and other tourist attractions in Bali are mostly operating normally but sometimes have restrictions on occupancy and opening times. But as is the way in Indonesia, enforcement of all these constantly changing rules, and whether establishments abide by them at all, partly or not at all, varies considerably.

Some major businesses have closed such as the Tree Tops Adventure Park, and Old Man’s restaurant / bar, and others are only open certain days such as Waterbom which currently opens only at weekends.

We recommend that you check individual businesses opening hours before going out, as many remain shut, or have limited hours, and in particular many businesses in more remote locations may be shut. Currently Canggu (in particular), Batu Belig and Seminyak are the busiest locations in Bali, and Canggu is actually suffering from being almost too busy right now, with traffic again becoming a concern.

More generally there are no check-points or any other travel restrictions on travel within Bali itself, although masks are supposed to be worn at all times when out and about.

Covid-19 Bali Villa Closures

Some of our villas have closed due to COVID, including Villa Daksina. All others are operating normally, but many now have long term tenants, including Villa Champa, Villa Leana, Villa Rene, Villa Rusa Biru, Villa Srengenge and Villa Wiljoba but the calendars are all up to date, and so almost all of these villas are available to book in 2022. More generally all our villas on our website are open for guests and have no restrictions or additional documentation required to stay.

We have however taken several additional measures at all our properties to protect the safety of our guests and staff against Covid-19 including:

  • All staff at all our villas are now fully vaccinated with both first and second jabs completed.
  • Before and after each set of guests leave, the villa is thoroughly cleaned, and in particular all surfaces wiped with soap and water or anti-septic
  • Hand Sanitizer is provided at the entry to all villas, and all staff and guests entering the villa are required to use it.
  • All staff will wear masks at all times while they are working at the villa.
  • Only staff and guests are allowed in the villa while guests are staying and upon guest request, access to the villa by staff can also be limited.
  • Any signs of fever, or any case of Covid-19 in the same village as any staff member, will result in the staff member being quarantined at home for at least 14 days.

The additional cleaning does take more time, and so we have also temporarily pushed back the standard check-in time to 3pm.

If there are not guests staying the night before, it is no problem to arrive earlier than 3pm, but otherwise the staff do need the full 4 hours after guest check-out at 11am to clean and prepare the villa for you.