Make a payment

We accept payment in several different ways

1) International Money Transfer

Guests normally pay directly using their credit cards on our website using the secure link below. We can however also accept direct bank transfers in British Pounds (GBP); Indonesian Rupiah (IDR); or Thai Baht (THB) and we can provide local bank account details once a booking has been confirmed. Paying by bank transfer is the cheapest way to pay if you have a local account in these currencies.

2) Payment by Credit Card and Debit Card (3.0% and 3.5% for Amex)

Paying by credit card is the most secure means of transfer, as you are fully protected against fraud. We are able to accept all credit and debit cards on this website including American Express.

American Express Mastercard JCB Maestro Visa Debit
Powered by WorldPay

The processing fee is 3.0% for all payments by credit card or debit card (except for American Express which is 3.5%).

To pay, please contact us first by email on to confirm the amount to be paid.

To pay just put in the amount in GBP (British Pounds Sterling) stated in the email in the box below. Click the “Make a Payment” button, which will take you through to a secure website. Here you can simply and securely input your credit card or debit card details. . Worldpay runs the website and is one of the largest multi-national payment processors.

3) Payment by PayPal (5.4% Fee)

We can accept payments by PayPal, although it is more expensive than other payment methods. Please click on the “Pay Now” button below to be directed to the PayPal secure website. There you can either pay via your own PayPal account, or click the button “No PayPal Account” and put in your credit or debit card details for payment. There is a 5.4% fee for payments through PayPal, and we only accept payments made in GBP (£). While we do accept payments by PayPal we do not recommend them as PayPal have caused issues on guest payments in the past.

If you do wish to pay by PayPal however, then the link is below.

PayPal Acceptance Mark