Terms and Conditions


Below are the standard Terms & Conditions for all villas marketed by Secluded Bali Villasand balifamily.villas (trading names for the management company CV Secluded Bali Villas CV and the marketing company PT Secluded Bali Villas hereinafter  together referred to as the “Service Provider” or “Secluded Bali Villas”) on behalf of the villa owners, namely:

  • Villa Amanie
  • Villa Anjani
  • The Backyard Bingin
  • Bougain Villa
  • Villa Champa
  • Villa Dahlia
  • Elsie’s Villa (and Jimmie’s Villa)
  • Istana Semer
  • Villa Kalisha
  • Villa Krtajna
  • Villa Laguna (for short term rentals only)
  • Villa Leana
  • Villa Matahari Terbit
  • Munduk Mountain Estate
  • Villa Reina
  • Villa Rosita
  • Villa Rusa Biru
  • Villa Talia Vashti
  • Villa Wiljoba

Such Terms and Conditions shall apply to all direct guest bookings at the above villas, unless specific amendments and exceptions to these Terms and Conditions are stated in writing to guests. Bookings of 28 nights or more will have a number of additional Terms and Conditions, that shall be set out and agreed in advance of booking, usually in the form of a contract.

For guests that make a booking through an Online Travel Agent (OTA) such as AirBnB, TripAdvisor, Homeaway, VRBO, Booking.com, Agoda or similar the following sections shall be determined and set by the OTA and the relevant sections here shall not apply:

  • Booking and Payment Process
  • Cancellation and Booking Amendment

Booking and Payment Process

Upon receipt of an enquiry we will contact you (normally within 24 hours if your enquiry is via email or WhatsApp), to confirm villa availability, villa rate (including applicable tax) and details of the deposit required to confirm the booking. 

Upon receiving confirmation that the booking details are correct and that you wish to confirm your booking, we will then hold the relevant dates for you for 48 hours pending evidence of payment (24 hours if booking is within next 7 days or if  there is another pending enquiry) and send you an invoice for the amount due and details of your stay. 

If another enquiry is received for those same dates during such 48 hour period, then we shall inform you immediately and request that evidence of payment is provided within the next 12 hours. Should you fail to provide such evidence we reserve the right to unblock the dates and offer the dates to the other guests.

Payments for Bookings More than 30 Days Away

For all bookings, we require a deposit of at least 50% of the total amount due to confirm the booking.

A booking is only confirmed once the deposit amount has reached our bank account or we have been notified by our credit card processor that payment has been received, and we have responded to you via email that your booking is confirmed, which we shall normally do within 24 hours of having received notice. Payments are to be made in IDR or USD via local bank transfer or IMT (International Money Transfer) net of all bank charges to the specified bank account. For IMT we recommend TransferWise, as it is quicker, more accurate and cheaper. There are no fees for local bank transfers in IDR.

Alternatively, we also accept payment using a credit card or debit card through an international card processor. All card payments have to use MasterCard/Visa and be in either IDR (when they shall be processed through Xendit, for which there is a card processing fee of 3%). 

We are unable to accept American Express, however we are able to accept payment by PayPal (which allows for payment by American Express), but the processing fee is 8.5%. Our email address for payments by PayPal is info@secludedbalivillas.com

Payment of the final outstanding amount due is required at least 30 days prior to the date of your arrival. We will send you an invoice for final payment prior to this date. Once the invoice has been paid, we will provide you with all the final details for your stay. A guest’s booking is at risk if the guest fails to make payment within 5 working days of having been sent the final payment invoice.

Payments for Bookings within 30 Days

If your booking is within 30 days of your date of arrival, we shall issue an invoice and shall require payment of the full amount to confirm the booking.  Booking is only confirmed once the full amount has reached our bank account, or our credit card processor has notified Secluded Bali Villas that a payment has been received, and we have then informed you that your booking is confirmed, which we shall normally do within 24 hours of having received payment. 

For bookings made within 7 days of the date of arrival at the villa, we require payment in full prior to commencing your stay by credit card or local bank transfer in IDR, and reserve the right to refuse payment by other means, including international bank transfer, and payment in cash upon arrival at the villa.

For bookings made within 24 hours of the date of your arrival at the villa, we require payment in full prior to commencing your stay by credit card or, by specific agreement from Secluded Bali Villas in writing only, payment in rupiah (IDR) upon arrival at the villa, either by means of local bank transfer, or in cash.

Failure to Pay

Where guests, or agents representing guests, have failed to pay an invoice in accordance with the above notice periods, then Secluded Bali Villas shall have the right to treat such booking as being cancelled, and such booking shall then be subject to our cancellation policy.

Where guests, or agents representing guests, have failed to make full and final payment prior to the guests commencing their stay, then we reserve the right to refuse the guests entry to the villa, and to continue to refuse entry until such point as payment has been made.  

Where guests wish to extend their current stay at a villa, then they are required to make full payment of the amount due for such additional nights within 24 hours or by 5pm on the day before their original stay ends, whichever is earlier.  Where guests fail to make such payment, or only make a partial payment, then we reserve the right to either 

  1. Require the guests to check-out of the villa after the last night the guests have paid for; or
  2. To add a penalty of 10% to the amount that is due and outstanding to be paid by the guests, if payment has not been made by 11am on the original check-out day.
  3. If guests continue to fail to have made payment by 6pm on the first day of their extension to their original stay, then we reserve the right to evict guests immediately from the villa at that time.

Payment For Long Term Bookings

Where a guest is staying for a period of more than one month (thirty days) then the payment terms, and penalties for a failure to pay, will be specified in the contract entered into between the guest, the Owner and Secluded Bali Villas, and such terms shall supersede the Standard Terms and Conditions listed here.

Cancellation and Amendment Policy

Standard Guest Cancellation

For guest cancellations requests more than 60 days before the check-in date in low and mid and high season, and 90 days before the check-in date in peak season, we will refund the full deposit amount (50% of the total amount) less a IDR 1,000,000 administration fee, and less any relevant bank charges or exchange rate differences where applicable.

For guest cancellations more than 30 days prior to arrival we will waive the obligation to pay the second payment (50% of the total amount).

For guest cancellations within 30 days of arrival, payments are non-refundable unless agreed otherwise by Secluded Bali Villas.

In the event of cancellation by guests, any payments for optional extras, including event fees, banjar payments and extra guest payments, shall be refunded in full, provided that such cancellation is at least 7 days prior to the date of check-in.

If cancellation occurs within 7 days of check-in, then we reserve the right to deduct from any refund, any costs already in good faith incurred, including Banjar fees, and any costs for food and drink and/or decorations at the villa.

We recommend that all guests purchase travel insurance to cover any unforeseen emergencies that may affect their stay.

Please be aware that currently Indonesia insists that all visitors have been COVID vaccinated, and you will not be allowed to travel if you do not have suitable evidence of vaccination, or medical exemption. 

Guest Amendment

Guests can extend their stay to dates either side of their original dates at any time, subject to availability.

Guests can also change the dates and the villa for their booking, and put the deposit already paid towards such different dates and different villas looked after by Secluded Bali Villas, provided that:

  • We receive notice of such change more than 60 days before original check-in; and 
  • Such revised stay dates are within the next 13 months; and 
  • Such stay is for the same or greater amount as the original booking; and
  • Guests have not already amended their booking previously.  

Where the amended stay is of less value than the value of the original stay booked, then the amount carried forward to the future booking payment shall be prorated down accordingly (i.e. if the future booking is only of 40% of the value of the original booking, then only 40% of the deposit amount will be able to be set against the future booking). 

For bookings that were provided free of charge (for example competition winners in charity auctions) there is no right of cancellation or amendment, nor any right to any refund or any option to defer stay to another time.

For the avoidance of doubt, any changes to optional extras, such as extra guests, pre-payment for meals and drinks or car-hire or transfers can be changed or cancelled without penalty provided at least 48 hours notice is given.

All amendments are subject to availability.

Transfer of Booking

Bookings are non-transferrable, unless:

  • The original guest that is named in the booking, requests in writing to Secluded Bali Villas for the booking to be transferred to another named guest and provides all required contact details; and
  • The new named guest, agrees to comply with all the terms and conditions and obligations of the original booking; and
  • There is no change to the payments already made, nor to future payments committed to by the original guest, unless they are to be increased.

Owner Cancellation Policy

In rare circumstances an owner may inform Secluded Bali Villas prior to your arrival that the villa is no longer available for rent.  This may occur due to a requirement by the owner to carry out essential emergency maintenance; or due to the sale of the villa to a new owner that does not wish to, or is unable to continue to, rent out the villa; or due to staff illness and quarantine or due to the closure of the villa due to the impact of COVID or other unforeseen circumstances outside of our control.

In such circumstances, we shall offer to defer your stay, or if your dates are fixed and you already have flight tickets, to relocate you to similar accommodation at another of our villas at no additional cost to you, or where that is not possible to another villa not managed by Secluded Bali Villas that is local to the villa that is no longer available of similar or better standard.  If none of these options is possible, then we shall provide to you a refund of any monies that have already been received.

Late Check-Out and Early Check-in

Standard Check-in time is 3pm on the day of arrival, and Standard Check-Out time is 11am on the day of departure.

Guests may request an early Check-in or late Check-out, and we shall do our best to accommodate this, however it is only possible if we do not have guests staying the night before the guests arrive for an early Check-in, or the night after the guests depart for a late check-out.

If guests wish to guarantee a late check out then additional fees apply. A late check-out does restrict our ability to rent out the villa for that night – depending on how late you wish to stay. 

Our late check-out fees are:

Up to 3.00 pm (4 hours delay) = 25% of nightly rate for booking
Up to 5.00 pm (6 hours delay) = 50% of nightly rate for booking
Up to 7.00 pm (8 hours delay) = 75% of nightly rate for booking
After 7.00 pm (more than 8 hours delay) = 100% of nightly rate for booking

Fees must be paid at least 24 hours before the date of the Late check out.

Late check-out will only be confirmed after payment has been made and confirmation has been received from Secluded Bali Villas by email. Verbal confirmation by a Villa Manager is not a formal confirmation of Late Check Out.

Rate Inclusions and Services

Rate Inclusions

Our Standard Rates for short term stays of less than one month include all applicable taxes, and the exclusive use of the villa and all its facilities, including private swimming pool and the services of the dedicated villa staff for the duration of your stay.  

Standard Rates also include all utilities, including water, gas, electricity, any local village payments etc.

For the avoidance of doubt unless expressly stated below or during in the booking process our rates exclude the following, although all the following can be provided for an additional fee: 

  • Breakfast and other meals; 
  • Drinks other than water, tea and coffee; 
  • Airport Transfers; 
  • Car and Driver Hire and Fuel; 
  • Trips and Excursions; 
  • Additional services such as Massages, laundry etc.

Rate Inclusions - Long Term Stays

For stays of one month or longer, the inclusions to the rate will be clearly specified in the contract, however it is usual for guests to be responsible for paying utilities and running costs during a long term stay.

Food and Drink at the Villa


With the exception of Villa Matahari Terbit, all villas are fully catered and serviced and have an in-villa chef/cook or butler and provide meals and drinks (Villa Laguna has a cook on call and an additional fee applies). 

For Short Term stays of less than a month we operate a “Groceries” or “Menu” system for all our villas. For Long Term stays of a month or more, the system for food and drink will be as specified in the contract.

We do not aim to make any profit from providing food and drink at the villa, only to cover the costs of providing this additional service for guests.

The following villas charge prices that are based on the cost of groceries, and add a 20% villa service charge on top (“Menu System”):

  • Villa Kalisha
  • Villa Dahlia
  • Munduk Mountain Estate

The following villas charge the actual cost of groceries, plus an additional 20% villa charge (“Grocery System”):

  • Villa Amanie
  • Villa Anjani
  • The Backyard Bingin
  • Bougain Villa
  • Villa Champa
  • Elsie’s Villa
  • Istana Semer
  • Villa Krtajna
  • Villa Laguna (short term stays only)
  • Villa Leana
  • Villa Matahari Terbit


  • Villa Reina
  • Villa Rosita (minimum IDR 20,000/guest/day fee if 20% less than this)
  • Villa Rusa Biru
  • Villa Talia Vashti
  • Villa Wiljoba

The villa charge goes to cover other costs in providing food and drink, including transport fuel and cooking gas, maintaining a stock of basic ingredients and refrigeration and ice, although some villa owners do decide to give part or all of this charge to the staff.

If guests request staff to purchase specific groceries or drinks for them, then we shall charge guests the actual cost plus the villa charge for providing this service. 

When guests buy their own groceries and prepare their own meals, or order meals from outside of the villa, but still request the staff to prepare, or clean up after, the meal, then we reserve the right to charge an additional fee of IDR 20.000/guest/day which will be added to your bill at the villa if there is a significant amount of work for the staff. This fee will go to the staff for the extra work involved. There is no charge if guests clean up after themselves.

When guests bring drinks from outside of the villa, then we reserve the right to charge a corkage fee of IDR 2000/bottle of beer and IDR 30,000/bottle of wine and to add that to your bill at the villa.

In practice we very rarely insist on the corkage charge and the additional fee for guests bringing their own food, however we have had guests that have bought their own food and left an astonishing mess for the staff to clear up afterwards, and so to protect our staff we reserve this right.


A full breakfast is able to be provided at all of our villas, and includes:

  • Unlimited tea, coffee and water
  • Up to 2 slices of Toast and jams/spreads
  • Fresh fruit juice
  • Selection of fresh fruit
  • Main breakfast:
    • British Breakfast (Choice of eggs plus bacon); or
    • American Breakfast (Pancakes with fruit/syrup/chocolate sauce); or
    • Asian Breakfast (Fried Rice/Fried Noodles).
    • Healthy Breakfast (Granola, Yoghurt and Fruit Salad)
    • Continental Breakfast (Croissant, Pain au Chocolat)
    • Children’s Breakfast (Breakfast Cereal, with fresh milk (where available)

For villas with a menu system, the Standard Charge is specified in the menu for the relevant villa, and rates will take account of the transport costs required to bring provisions to the villa.  Staff Services at the Villa

Rates for our villas do not include service charges, and tips and gratuities for good service by the staff are appreciated but are not obligatory.

Staff at our villas finish their standard working hours no later than 7pm, and after that time while staff are happy to help if you need it after this time for services such as babysitting, we do recommend a standard tip of a minimum of IDR 50,000/hour or part of hour, for the extra hours worked, and this will be added to your bill.

Villa Provided Car & Driver

For Standard Rate Bookings, a 7 seater car and driver are available for the duration of your stay for the following villas (except for last minute bookings at special rates):

  • Villa Champa – Toyota Avanza (car and driver included in the rate)
  • Villa Wiljoba – Mitsubishi Xpander (car and driver included in the rate)
  • Villa Laguna – Toyota Innova (car and driver included in the rate except for Peak Season)
  • Villa Amanie (Suzuki APV – Optional – Additional Fee Applies)

Villa Car and Driver Included in Rate

For villas where a car and driver are included in the rate, fuel, parking fees and attraction/airport entrance fees are not included, and these costs, together with driver overtime of IDR 50,000/hour or part of an hour after 8 consecutive hours in a day will be automatically added to your bill at the villa.  

The duration of car and driver use for the day shall be calculated from the time that the driver was requested by the guests to stand-by at the villa, until the expected time that the driver will return to the villa after completing the final drop-off for the day.  

For the avoidance of doubt, if guests ask the driver to standby, and then do not actually use the car and driver until a later time, then the duration of car and driver use is calculated from the time that the driver first stood by, not the time that the guests first make use of the car and driver. Similarly if guests ask a driver to leave, and then to come back later, the time shall be calculated from the time that the driver is first asked to standby, and shall include any “gaps” when the driver was not required.

Airport transfers using the provided car and driver are included, provided that:

  • Check-In: Pickup or transfer occurs after the standard 3pm check-in time.  Driver overtime will be due and payable after 4 hours, which shall be determined based on the time that the driver leaves the villa to go to the location of the guests to be picked up, until when the driver returns to the villa, and is released by the guests;
  • Check-Out: Drop-off or transfer is completed and the driver has returned to the villa before the agreed and paid check-out time, plus 30 minutes.  Driver overtime will be due and payable after 4 hours (for standard check-out time, proportionally longer for later check out times);
  • Costs for the use of the villa car and driver outside of these times (for example for early pick-up or late drop-off) and for the hire of additional cars, drivers or taxis for airport transfer are extra and have to be paid by the guests.

Where guests request the in-villa driver to work after 10pm, then availability shall be subject to the agreement and availability of the driver, and an additional fee of IDR 50,000/hour, or part of hour, shall be payable and added to your bill, even if it is within the standard number of hours worked by the driver that day.

Guest Stay Policies and Fees

Minimum Stay

Subject to the exceptions below, minimum stay for all our villas is 4 nights for the Christmas / New Year holidays and 3 nights for high season, and 2 nights at all other times of the year for reservations made more than 30 days prior to the day of travel unless the stay is for dates adjacent to an existing booking when no minimum stay restrictions apply.

Standard and Maximum Number of Guests

Each of our villas has a Standard Number of guests which are included in the Standard Rate and a Maximum Number of guests, which is the maximum number of guests able to be accommodated comfortably in beds at each villa.  Extra fees will apply to guests staying above the Standard Number of Guests.  Details for each villa are as follows: 

  • Villa Amanie – Standard 8 guests in 4 bedrooms (Max 10 adults / 10 guests in 4 bedrooms); 
  • Villa Anjani – Standard 8 guests in 4 bedrooms (Max: 12 adults / 13 guests in 5 bedrooms); 
  • The Backyard Bingin – Standard 14 guests in 7 bedrooms (Max 21 adults / 21 guests in 7 bedrooms using 7 extra beds)
  • Bougain Villa – Standard 10 guests in 5 bedrooms (Max 12 adults / 12 guests in 5 bedrooms);
  • Villa Champa – Standard 6 guests in 3 bedrooms (Max: 7 adults / 7 guests in 3 bedrooms); 
  • Villa Dahlia – Standard 8 guests in 4 bedrooms (Max: 10 adults / 10 guests in 4 bedrooms)
  • Elsies Villa – Standard 10 guests in 5 bedrooms (Max: 18 adults / 18 guests in 6 bedrooms) 
  • Istana Semer – Standard 10 guests in 5 bedrooms (Max 11 adults / 11 guests in 6 bedrooms)
  • Villa Kalisha – Standard 4 guests in 2 bedrooms (Max: 6 adults / 7 guests in 3 bedrooms); 
  • Villa Krtajna – Standard 8 guests in 4 bedrooms (Max: 10 adults / 10 guests in 4/5 bedrooms)
  • Villa Laguna – Standard 6 guests in 3 bedrooms (Max: 6 adults / 6 guests in 3 bedrooms);
  • Villa Leana – Standard 8 guests in 4 bedrooms (Max: 10 adults/ 12 guests in 5 bedrooms); 
  • Villa Matahari Terbit – Standard 6 guests in 3 bedrooms (Max: 7 adults/7 guests in 3 bedrooms)
  • Munduk Mountain Estate – Standard 8 guests in 4 bedrooms (Max: 14 adults / 14 guests in 4 bedrooms and Media Room).
  • Villa Reina – Standard 6 guests in 3 bedrooms (Max 6 guests in 3 bedrooms)
  • Villa Rosita – Standard 10 guests in 5 bedrooms (Max 16 adults / 16 guests in 7 bedrooms);
  • Villa Rusa Biru – Standard 6 guests in 3 bedrooms  (Max 8 adults / 9 guests in 3 bedrooms);
  • Villa Talia Vashti – Standard 4 guests in 2 bedrooms  (Max: 6 adults / 8 guests in 3 bedrooms);
  • Villa Wiljoba – 10 guests in 5 bedrooms (Max – 18 adults / 19 guests in 6 bedrooms/4 lounges).

On exception it may be possible to accommodate more than Maximum Number of Guests for a specific villa, but any extra guests have to be agreed in advance.

Children and Infants

Children aged 0 to 4 years old are able to share their parents’ bed without additional charge.  

One cot bed shall be provided free of charge for infants at each villa, but there is an additional fee for any further cot beds and bedding of a minimumIDR 150,000/night per each extra cot bed provided, with a possible delivery charge for villas that are outside of the Badung area..  

Infants sharing their parents’ beds, or sleeping in cot beds, do not count towards the Standard or Maximum Number of Guests.  

Children can also be accommodated by means of an extra bed, or upon request a floor mattress, however in such case they shall be considered as a guest, and extra guest fees shall apply to cover the additional costs such as laundry.

Extra Guests and Extra Guest Fees

We can accept more guests than the standard number of guests provided it is agreed in advance, and any applicable additional charge is paid.. 

Only the number of guests agreed and paid for during the booking process shall be allowed to stay overnight at the villa.  Additional guests are however able to visit during the day, provided that the maximum number of guests for the relevant villa is not exceeded. 

Where more than the maximum number of guests visit the villa during the day (for example for wedding or other party) then that can only be arranged where prior permission has been given by Secluded Bali Villas and an event fee may be due and payable. The Secluded Bali Villas and staff at the villa however reserve the right to turn away guests from the villa if the above limits and permissions are not complied with.

Changing of Linens

Sheets and towels shall be changed every 3 to 4 nights for short term bookings of less than 28 nights, and once per week for long term bookings of greater than 28 nights, or more frequently if obviously dirty.

Guests can request changes to this schedule for linens to be washed more or less frequently. We strongly discourage guests from requiring that linens be cleaned more often, due to the environmental damage such frequent washes cause, as well as the additional costs and labour involved, and so we reserve the right to charge an additional fee if guests request this service.


Any events or parties have to be informed to Secluded Bali Villas (not just the local management at the villa) in advance, and for events involving guests from outside of the villa or external contractors such as caterers, this has to occur during the booking process.

Please refer to the relevant “Event Guidelines” for the applicable villa for more details.

Damage Deposit

Except for long term stays of a month or more, or events involving guests from outside the villa or external contractors, we do not require a damage deposit from guests. However where breakages or damage occur at the villa due to the action of guests, accidental or otherwise, then we ask that you please report them to the villa manager so that we can rectify the damage as soon as possible and we do reserve the right to add the cost of replacement or repair of the item to the bill of the guest upon check out. 

For the avoidance of doubt breakage/damage includes, but is not limited to, permanent staining, cigarette burns, rips, scratches or other damage to furniture and soft furnishings.

Special Cleaning Fees

If staff are required to clean up vomit, excrement, urine, semen or blood (where such amounts or location are inappropriate), or any other unusual liquids or materials, then there shall be a fixed cleaning fee of IDR 500,000 per incident, or IDR 500,000 per room – if the cleaning is required in more than one room.

This shall be in addition to any costs for replacement of any items stained or damaged by such action, and in addition to the costs of any specialised cleaning required.

Guest Behaviour – House Rules

Throughout the stay at our properties, guests are required to abide by usual rules of acceptable behaviour, including:

  • To obey all local laws and regulations including, but not limited to those for drugs, alcohol, lethal weapons and prostitution.
  • Not to hold parties or gatherings of more persons than those agreed during the booking process. 
  • To keep noise to a reasonable level, such that it does not disturb neighbours and local communities, especially after midnight.
  • To treat our staff with respect, and not to abuse them in any way, including verbal, sexual or physical abuse. 
  • Not to bring animals or pets to the villa, unless agreed in advance.
  • Not to smoke inside the villa (although smoking in the outdoor areas is permitted).
  • To pay the replacement cost for any damage, and any special cleaning fees, caused either by guests, or visitors brought to the villa by guests.

In the event that guests fail to abide by these rules, then we reserve the right to refuse entry to the villa to such guests and if relevant contact the local law enforcement to take further action.

Personal Baggage and Effects

We are not responsible for guests’ baggage and personal belongings which at all times remain the responsibility and risk of the guests during a stay at our villas. We do however provide lockable electronic safes in each bedroom for guest use, and provide a key for each bedroom to the guests of that bedroom.

Use of Villa Pool and Other Facilities

All our villas have pools, ponds and other facilities that are provided in good faith for guest use.  All pools, ponds and other such facilities however are unsupervised and guests are therefore advised to exercise extreme care when using such facilities, and do so at their own risk.

Guests agree therefore that Secluded Bali Villas and its staff, and the owners and staff of each of our villas shall be held completely harmless against any and all liability, loss of life or property, injury, damage or expense, including, without limitation, legal fees and costs of litigation resulting from any and all swimming pool accidents or incidents during a guest stay at any of our villas.


We have a strict no smoking policy at all our villas. This is not only because many of our guests are non-smokers, but also because our villas contain many soft furnishings and have wood and rattan roofing that are highly flammable, and so smoking inside provides a significant fire risk. 

If you wish to smoke, then we do allow smoking in the outside areas of all our villas and the staff at the villas can provide ashtrays if requested.

Munduk Mountain Estate is a non-smoking villa, and so smoking is not allowed in the outdoor deck areas of the villa, including the outdoor dining area, and the area around the pool.  Smoking is only allowed at the fire pit area, and yoga area.


Only some of our villas accept pets, so please check when booking.

If a villa does accept pets then:

  • Guests must inform us about their pet before arriving at the villa. We reserve the right to refuse access to the villa, and not refund payment if guests have tried to deliberately bring pets to our villas without informing us beforehand.
  • Owners remain responsible at all times for looking after and cleaning up after their pets.
  • We require a Security Deposit of IDR 1.5 million/pet (up to a maximum of two (2) pets) to be paid to the villa manager upon arrival to the villa. This will be returned to the guest upon check out, subject to no damage having occurred.
  • Guests are responsible for any and all damage or injury caused by pet urine, excrement or scratching or other action by their pets including but not limited to 
    • the fixtures and fittings at our villa; 
    • our staff, including but medical bills for injured staff, 
    • furniture or floors, 
    • villa plants, lawn or garden

Access and Privacy

During a stay at any of our villas, the villa shall be reserved for the private use of the in-house guests only.  

Our staff will always be discreet, but will enter the villa at least every day to clean, and to provide services for in-house guests (or 5 days per week for long term stays of a month or more).

If guests wish to restrict how often staff come to the villa, then please inform the local villa staff and we are happy to work with you to do our best to meet guests’ personal requirements, however staff will still need reasonable occasional access to clean and check/maintain facilities. 

While the villa is private during your stay, there will  be times when others do need to come to the villa, such as contractors  to carry out services such as gardening, pool maintenance and emergency repairs, or very occasionally potential guests who wish to inspect the villa. 

We will always inform you in advance of any potential visit, and with as much notice as possible, and coordinate with you as best as we can so that any inspection is carried out at a time that is most convenient for you, and causes as little disruption as possible. However we do ask for guests’ understanding and assistance to accommodate such requests within the timescale requested.

Travel Insurance

We strongly recommend that you take out comprehensive travel insurance at the time of booking, to protect you and all those accompanying you for the duration of your stay against travel delays, illness, injury, death, loss of baggage and personal items, cancellation and other travel contingencies.

We recommend that you ensure where possible that such travel insurance covers you for cancellation or additional costs in the event of travel delays (for example guests have in recent years been unable to fly to or from Bali because of nearby volcanic eruptions causing the airport to be closed) and covers serious illness, injury or death of immediate family members, including those not travelling as part of your holiday.

Liabilities and Responsibility

The Service Provider and its contractors and staff and the relevant villa owner and villa staff are not liable or responsible to the Guest or to any other person for damage, theft or loss or injury to the Guest caused by the acts or omissions of a rental guest, staff member of the Service Provider or Owner, or any third party. The Guest agrees to indemnify, defend and hold harmless the Service Provider and its staff from any loss or damage or injury suffered by the Owner because of any breach of this Agreement or because of acts undertaken by Service Provider in good faith pursuant to its obligations under this Agreement. The obligations under this clause survive termination of this Agreement by either party. In no event will a guest make a claim against Service Provider because of any alleged errors of judgement made by Service Provider in reasonable good faith in performance of Service Provider’s duties under this Agreement.

Please be advised that neither Secluded Bali Villas, nor the villa owner, are responsible for any personal injury to you or your property during your stay at our villas, or during your participation in any activities during your visit to Bali. We will not accept responsibility for any delay, additional expense or inconvenience which may be caused directly or indirectly by events outside of our control such as late arrival of international flights, extreme traffic problems and other travel delays, civil disturbances, fire, floods, unusually severe weather, acts of God, acts of government, or the failure of any machinery or equipment.

Privacy Policy

We understand that there is a large degree of trust in any transaction that takes place on the internet for both the buyer and the seller, and that privacy can be a major concern for some guests. We commit to you therefore that any personal information that you provide to Secluded Bali Villas in the course of a booking, such as your name, contact details or any other personal information, shall remain completely private and confidential, and in no way shall we share any such information with any third parties. Very occasionally, we may contact you to make you aware of upcoming special deals. However, we do respect your right to privacy and will not send you any notices if you contact Secluded Bali Villas and ask Secluded Bali Villas not to.

Complaints Procedure

We work hard to constantly improve the service and the standards at all our villas, and so we always welcome and indeed encourage feedback from guests on areas that we can improve on, and this has over the years led to many changes to our villas that we hope has made our guests stay at our villas even more enjoyable and memorable. If you have any feedback on our villas therefore, then please write to Secluded Bali Villas at info@secludedbalivillas.com.

In any venture though there can be times where things do not happen as expected. Normally this can be due to circumstances outside of our own or your control, but very occasionally we ourselves or our staff can make mistakes or fail to do something that means that you feel you have not received the service that you expected. Our business is an internet based business, and therefore our reputation is very important and so in such circumstances we would ask that you please contact Secluded Bali Villas to allow Secluded Bali Villas so that we can try and address your complaint as best we can. It is best to send Secluded Bali Villas an email to info@secludedbalivillas.com. 

We take any complaints very seriously and commit to respond to you as soon as we can, and in any case within 24 hours. We undertake to work with you as best we can to address any complaints to your satisfaction within 48 hours of having received the complaint.