Bali Property Management Service

For Villa Owners who sign up to our Villa Marketing Service, we also offer our Bali Property Management Service, based on our experience of managing and running our own villas for many years.  The Bali Property Management Service basically means that we take all the day to day running of your property in Bali off your hands.  

Bali Property Management
Secluded Bali Villas Property Management Team

So we work with your staff to ensure bills are paid, repairs are undertaken, taxes are paid and all the other normal things get done that are needed to ensure that your property is run smoothly and efficiently. We set limits on what can be spent to ensure

Bali Property Management Service – Reports

Critical to this service are regular and detailed monthly reports showing clearly what has been spent and on what, and we also provide access to our online system so that owners can check themselves at any time what is going on.

We are owners of villas ourselves, and all properties that we manage are managed in exactly the same way whether they are ours our our owners.

This means that when it comes to controlling costs, and getting information on what is happening we think and act like owners whereas for many Bali property management companies managing costs in particular is rarely focused on.

Bali Property Management Service
General Villa Management We work with your staff to ensure that the villa runs smoothly, that bills are paid, good service is provided to the guests, and the villa is maintained and looked after. 
Villa Running Costs We monitor and report on all villa costs. We think like owners, introducing standards for reducing electricity use and always seeking options to control costs and improve service.
Villa Repairs and Maintenance We carry out regular inspections, identify necessary repairs and maintenance, and work with staff and contractors to ensure your villa is always well maintained.
Owner Control We agree upfront with owners what costs you are happy for us to incur on your behalf, and how involved you want to be in decisions on maintenance, repairs and replacement of items at your villa.
Taxes and Local Government Payments We shall advise you on any tax and local payments and reports that have to be done, and ensure that your property complies with all local requirements.
Monthly Reports We shall provide a structured monthly report of all villa expenditures/ revenues that you can be easily analysed.
Fees We charge a fixed fee per month which is typically between IDR 2.5 and IDR 5 million depending on the size of the villa and its location.

If you are interested in finding out more then drop our team an email at or just get in touch through our Contact Form and we are happy to answer any questions that you might have.

Please remember though our Bali Property Management service is only offered to owners who have also agreed to our Villa Marketing Service

Also we provide a further service if you also want for us to be responsible for the legal and effective recruitment, training, replacement and payment of staff at your Bali property in our Villa Staffing Service