Is Your Villa Suitable?

We own and manage several great villa websites, and in particular we have two main sites namely and this one (

We are willing to consider any villa on our sites, but to list on, we would require additional commitments by owners to invest in kid-friendly facilities and service, which we are happy to help and advise you on. For as well we would also require some minimum standards when it comes to services and facilities offered.

Our focus is on Bali although we do also look after a villa in Yogyakarta as well, and so are able to consider villas in any and all of these locations.

However the upfront investment required in terms of both time and money in establishing the marketing campaign for any villa, and carrying out an initial assessment, and regular inspections thereafter, we would expect that our service is best suited for villas that rent out at upwards of US$300/night in high season.

If you are not sure then of course please just contact us, and we are happy to provide advice to you as to what is the best way for you to market your villa, and whether listing with us is the right thing to do for you and your villa.

We are also able to help you if you are looking to rent your villa long term (for a year or more) rather than short term, so please just drop us an email at or contact us for more information.