Our Bali Villa Management Service

For Villa Owners who sign up to our Villa Marketing Service, we can also offer a further Villa Management & Maintenance Service, based on our experience of managing and running our own villas for many years.  In the Villa Management & Maintenance Service we basically take all the day to day running of the villa off your hands.  We work with your staff to ensure bills are paid, repairs are undertaken, taxes are paid and all the other normal things get done to ensure that your villa runs smoothly and efficiently. Critical to this service are regular and detailed reports to you each month as to what has been spent and on what, and very shortly we shall be putting this all online in real time so you can personally log in and check what is happening.

Villa Management Service Secludedbalivillas.com
General Villa Management We work with your staff to ensure that the villa runs smoothly, that bills are paid, good service is provided to the guests, and the villa is maintained and looked after. 
Villa Running Costs We monitor and control villa costs, and then deduct them from the net proceeds that we get from marketing the villa.
Villa Repairs and Maintenance With our regular inspections we identify repairs and maintenance, and use our in-house maintenance team to sort out issues, or can propose contractors for more extensive works.
Owner Control We agree upfront with owners what maintenance and repairs you are happy for us to carry out, and up to the level of expenditure that you are happy with.
Taxes and Local Government Payments We shall advise you and your staff on the tax and local payments and reports that have to be made, and assist your staff in ensuring they are done.
Monthly Reports We train staff to provide a structured monthly report of all villa expenditures/ revenues that you can be easily analysed.
Fee We ask for a fixed fee in local currency (IDR) for providing this service, which varies depending on the size and location of your villa.  There is an additional call out fee for the maintenance team of IDR 100,000/day spent at your villa.

If you are interested in finding out more then drop our team an email at info@secludedbalivillas.com or just get in touch through our Contact Form and we are happy to answer any questions that you might have.

Please remember though this service is only offered to owners who have also agree to our Villa Marketing Service