Villa Owners FAQ

I’m interested – what do I do next?

Just send us an email or complete the contact form on the site, and we will get back to you to discuss further and to arrange an initial visit to your villa.

We still want to regularly use our villa – is this OK?

Yes this is fine. While there are some restrictions on excessive use (it is not worth us undertaking all this work, if we can only then rent out the villa for a few weeks a year), many of our existing owners, including ourselves, still stay at their villas regularly.

How long do we have to commit to take advantage of your services?

We require at least 12 to 24 months contractual commitment. Most of the expenditures in terms of time and money are early in the first year, when also guest bookings tend to be less, and so we do require a commitment of at least this duration for us to take on your villa, although there are termination rights for certain unforeseen events, or where our service fails to meet certain agreed criteria.

Can I sign up with Secluded Bali Villas and other agents too?

Unfortunately no. The very personal way that we work each villa and owner means it is almost impossible for us to work with other agents. Other agents are just not set up to be so reactive on pricing, nor to have the in-depth knowledge of your villa that we always aim to have.

My villa is just being built now – when should I contact you for help?

We recommend that new villa owners contact us at least 3 to 6 months before a villa is completed and ready and furnished. Then we can advise you on the furnishings that will help you to rent out your villa; start the staff recruitment process, and train them at our other villas. Most importantly we can start the marketing, as it always takes a while for a new villa to build up guests and a reputation.

What happens if friends want to stay at our villa?

There is no problem with friends staying at your villa. They can either stay for free as “an Owner Booking” in which case we treat them just like yourselves. Or we can handle them like a normal guest booking with an agreed discount, in which case our fee is half the normal fee. Most owners prefer for us to handle friends bookings, as we can be more independent when asking for payment, and can deal with all the logistics as well.

I just want help managing my villa locally, but I want to carry out the marketing myself – can you help?

I am sorry but for us to assist in managing and/or staffing your villa we do require that you commit to the marketing service first. If you are looking for a management service, we can recommend other companies to you.

Do you have any other questions?  Just drop us an email and complete the contact form, Click The Button Below…

we are more than happy to help answer them.