Why Are We Different For Owners?

We don’t consider ourselves as agents, as the service we offer to villa owners is much more personal than any agent could offer you, however it is worth explaining how agents work, and why we are different.

There are basically two main kinds of marketing agents for villas.  Firstly there are the local agents.  These will take the details of your villa (sometimes without your knowledge from another site) and post them on their own website.  If the agent gets a guest enquiring after your villa, then they will normally contact you, ask for a commission (typically 20% of the revenue) and then act as a go-between between you and the guest.

Inevitably local agents will never even see your villa, and so are unable to answer any detailed questions, and many of them really only care about making sure that they get their commission, which can lead to them promising things that are not correct.

When we started up we dealt with these types of agent, and while they can occasionally be useful if they are reputable and address a specific niche market (e.g. guests who only speak their local language) we normally find that they charge too much for what they offer (particularly with our villas running at over 70% occupancy anyway); add complexity and difficulty to the booking process, and introduce an additional payment risk (we have had agents not pay us despite the guest paying the agent) and so with a few exceptions we do not recommend owners work with these type of agent.

The second type of agent is the luxury agent, which you enter into a formal long term contract with.  Agents of this sort offer a professional and excellent service, but at a high price as they require owners to pay for all marketing costs (which they recommend should be several thousand dollars per year, and then they expect you to do all the work setting it all up as well) and then also take percentage of revenue as an additional fee (typically 30% or more).  Also the way that they structure the service, they take no risk, make few guarantees, and they also retain all intellectual property rights, making it difficult to leave and market your own villas should you wish to.

Both types of agent deal with hundreds of different villas and so suffer from a lack of personal touch.  Even professional agents seldom if ever actually visit your villa, and the staff dealing with enquiries for all agents are always local Indonesian staff who have almost certainly never even stayed in a villa before, let alone your villa.

So what does secludedbalivillas.com offer you that agents do not?

We offer a very personal service, both for owners and for guests.  Unlike agents we will only list a limited number of villas, and we will ensure that we really know those villas through regular inspections and visits, and by ctively helping owners from the outset to set up and manage their villas to get the most from them both for the owners themselves and for guests that stay.  More than that we do not seek to bind owners to us by keeping all intellectual property, but aim to set up and provide all the tools that owners would need to market and manage their own villas in the future should they choose to do so, even though of course that we hope that our service means that owners still choose to stay with us. We do believe that this approach is not only very different from agents, but it is also absolutely the right one.  

To find out more, please just click on the links below. We provide three different services to villa owners:

Our primary service is the Villa Marketing Service, and we will only look at offering the other services as extra services if owners have already committed to the Villa Marketing Service. Please just click on the links to see the details of the services that we offer to villa owners.